Parents and stakeholders,

We welcome and value your input as we work to improve our school. There are many ways to be involved with our school, from joining our award-winning Lion's Pride Parent-Teacher Group, to volunteering as a reading buddy or teacher-helper. 

We firmly believe that we can always "get a little better," and parent and stakeholder input is an important part in that process. 

Other ways to connect with our school is by attending school-sponsored events such as our regular PIE Nights (Parents Involved in Education), where we host family events such as holiday-themed family fun nights, parent workshops, and more. Our most recent PIE night included the Animal Wild Adventure Animal Show, where kids and their families learned about exotic animals and their habitats while getting to see animals including a crocodile, hedgehog, and ring-tailed lemur up close! 

Also, by attending our scholar celebrations, such as our Winter and Spring Awards Programs and our Kindergarten graduation ceremony, parents can show support our school and our scholars their support. 

By attending our annual Title One Parent Night, parents and all stakeholders learn what it means to be a Title One School, and also ways to provide input and how funds are spent to meet the needs of our scholars.

We also offer parents flexible conference times during the fall and spring, in addition to regular parent conferences that can be scheduled during teacher planning times during the school week. 

By participating in our school surveys on school improvement, parents can share their thoughts and ideas on how we can improve as a school.

We host Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Valentine's lunches for parents, honor grandparents on Grandparents' Day, and honor our nation's veterans each year with a Veteran's program. We are very proud of our recently completed BMPS Veterans' Memorial, which is located at the front of our campus, in front of the second grade building. 

We feel that consistent communication is critical to our scholars' success, and we work hard to communicate with our parents and all stakeholders in a variety of ways.  Each of our Lion Scholars have a "take-home" planner and communication folder where teachers and parents can communicate about individual student progress, school events, and other school issues. 

We update our website and Facebook page regularly, and also tweet out school information.  Online forms for our parents can be found on the website, with information such as our school's continuous improvement plan, health and field trip forms, and more. We also communicate regularly with our community newspapers, who are supportive in letting people know about what is going on at BMPS.

Mr. Allen has a "Remind" opt-in text group where he sends out school updates to parents, and our website is also updated regularly.  Monthly newsletters are sent home to all parents by Mr. Allen, and teachers also communicate with regular newsletters specific to class and/or grade-level events and activities.

Each Lion Scholar also has an individual data notebook that includes academic progress on assessments such as DIBELS and STAR assessments, and also formative assessments that are given in the classroom.  

If we have your email address, we send out daily email blasts with up to date school information, and we also still believe in the telephone! We send out "robo-calls" daily concerning student absences, and also work to make phone calls when problems arise.  In addition, we also strive to make "positive" phone calls, because there are many good things going on, and we have lots of individual scholar accomplishments! Therefore, we may call to simply say "thank you," or let you know about how your scholar may have went above and beyond our high expectations we have for every scholar.

BMPS Contact Information

Telephone: 256-857-5120
Fax: 256-293-4685
Facebook: Search for "Brindlee Mountain Primary School"
Twitter: @bmpslions

Mr. Terry Allen (BMPS Principal):
Email to, or call the front office directly to schedule a conference.